Our team

We, at My-Physio-Base, are a young, dynamic, and friendly team that offers both modern and conventional physiotherapy. Our top priority is your health and wellbeing!

Of course, we take the current State government ordered hygienic regulations due to the Corona pandemic very seriously. Because even in these very uncertain times, we do not want to let our patients down and want to be there personally for you.


At My-Physio Base we offer traditional physiotherapy treatments such as manual therapy, physiotherapy, or physical therapy. Our treatment is always tailored to each individual patient.

Special services

Patients can book special services, such as medicinal aroma oil massages and headache treatments, trigger point treatments, and sport training with medical equipment, at My-Physio-Base on a self-payment basis. These additional services can help patients in leaving their daily life behind for a little bit and to relax.

We are looking forward to welcoming you to our physiotherapy practice

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Hit the make an appointment button or call us at 089 362993. If we are not available to take your call, please leave us a message and we will call you back as soon as possible.

Please arrive 15 minutes prior to your first appointment and make sure to bring your prescription with you, as well as a valid medical card and all your findings as well as any X-rays, MRIS, and CT scans.

It is best to bring suitable clothing such as athletic pants, a t-shirt, and clean shoes (please no outdoor shoes), a small towel and a large bath towel (sauna towel).

The additional prescription fee, which is 10 percent of the prescription cost plus 10 euros per prescription. Alternatively, please check our self-paying fees.

Self-payers can take advantage of our self-payer offers (special offers) without a prescription.

We have a cancellation deadline of 24 hours unless there is an emergency. This allows us to book in another patient for that time. If you do not cancel in a timely manner or miss the appointment, you will be charged a cancellation fee of 25 euros (please save us the inconvenience, as we do not like to charge and collect the cancellation fee).

Of course, we will do our best to fulfill your request and assign your preferred therapist, if possible. To guarantee a successful therapy, it is important for us that patient and therapist harmonise well.

A prescription must be started within 28 days of the creation date. This deadline applies if an urgent need for treatment has not been ticked on the Therapeutic Products Ordinance within 14 days. Interruption of treatment within a series must not be longer than 14 days, unless the attending doctor has confirmed this.

1. Your personal information should be complete and correct
1.1. Current exhibition period. Please note that you have to start the prescription within 28 days, otherwise it will expire.
2. The range of therapeutic products must be indicated on the prescription. You can choose from measures of physiotherapy, podiatry therapy, voice, speech, speech and swallowing therapy, occupational therapy and nutritional therapy. More than one cross may not be placed.
3. The indication of the ICD-10 code is mandatory (letter code) and important for your health insurance company.
4. Here you will find any diagnosis made by your doctor. Suitable for the ICD-10 code.
5. The associated diagnosis group is shown here. Such as EX: extremia, WS: spine
6. One or more prescription-justifying key symptom (s) in accordance with the remedies catalog must be given. This is / are to be specified either according to the letter-coded key symptoms (a, b, c) and / or as plain text.
7. Alternatively, patient-specific key symptoms that guide the patient’s treatment of therapeutic products can be given as free text. The prerequisite is that the patient-specific key symptoms are assigned to the respective diagnostic group.
8. Here you can see the type of therapy. Special feature: prescription of several priority remedies
9. Here you can see the number of prescribed treatments per remedy (“Prescription amount”).
10. As far as medically necessary, a maximum of one “supplementary remedy” (such as electrotherapy, heat therapy, cold therapy, etc.) named in the remedies catalog can be prescribed for “priority remedies”.
11. The number of treatments per week is shown here. If you can only take part in the therapy for a limited period of time (e.g. on business), please discuss this with your doctor in advance.
12. Tick whether a therapy report is available or not. And whether or not the therapy took place as part of a home visit.
13. The field “urgent treatment needs within 14 days” must be ticked if the treatment has to begin within 14 calendar days at the latest for medical reasons.
14. It is not mandatory to state the therapy goals.
15. The doctor’s stamp and signature can be found at the bottom right.

What our customers say

  • image-Star rating

    Super freundliches und kompetentes Team. Die Therapeutin hat sich viel Zeit für mich genommen und mir sehr weiter geholfen. Die Praxis ist sehr sauber und modern eingerichtet. Ich komme gerne wieder!


  • image-Anonymous

    Ich kann die Praxis nur empfehlen. Meine Beschwerden konnten nach nur wenigen Behandlungen deutlich verbessert werden. Die Mitarbeiter sind herzlich und arbeiten professionell. Ich habe mich sehr wohl und gut betreut gefühlt.


  • image-Star rating

    In der Praxis ist eine sehr freundliche und herzliche Atmosphäre, sogar für die Kinder ist gesorgt mit einer netten Kinderecke. Das nächste mal kann ich mein Kind in die Therapie auch mitnehmen! Kann ich nur weiter empfehlen.



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